Sauna, Steambath & Solarium

Sauna & Turkish steambath

Since ancient history sauna’s and steam baths have been used all of the world. Our ancestors already knew that steam and water vapor have a beneficial effect to our health and well-being. This benefit increases  even more  after exercising: all the pores of your skin will be thoroughly cleaned so that all the sweat and dirt will disappear. Your skin is the main defense of your immune system, so in addition to a fresh and totally relaxed feeling, the sauna and steam bath offer you an extra health boost after your workout!


Feel good factor is  paramount to good health, it is apparent in many cases that a tanned skin leads to a positive self-image and with it an increase in a person’s self-confidence and behaviour.  Some psychologists believe  that exposure to bright light particularly during a gloomy winter will help to prevent depression as we radiate with joy and we simply are in a better mood. We at the Personal Health Club  provide our clients with an excellent, clean & hygienic Solarium Studio so that you can treat yourself to a refreshing dose of sunshine allowing you to  leave the Club with the energy you need.