Personal Health Club


We take your health seriously

The Personal Health Club  invites you to a personal and individualized program. We take your journey to fitness seriously, and we are committed to you reaching  and maintaining your fullest potential, resulting in a healthy lifestyle.

  • Every member will receive a individualized program
  • Attainable goals through Personal supervision
  • An exclusive atmosphere and a multidiscipline team
  • Wide, dynamic and exclusive
  • Total approach to Health and well-being
  • Classes, workouts, and workshops on an individualize and group level

Personal total approach 

Based on your needs, lifestyle preferences and objectives,  we will design a program for  you under extensive supervision.  During the  entire fitness program, a knowledgeable trainer will work with you  to help you reach and exceed your goals by planning an effective  workout program.

All training sessions at the Personal Health Club are constantly supervised. A trainer will supervise the training of 8 members at any given time. Together with your semi personal trainer, the sessions can be intensified through many of the disciplines on offer. Fitness, Pilates, B-Kick, spinning, yoga, Zumba, and box training, are just a few of the elements that can be integrated  into your workout schedule. Your workouts can also be combined with physical therapy  for pain reduction, nutritional advice, internal and external care for further enhancement and mental balance. In short, we are able to offer you a individualized holistic approach that fits you like a glove!